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"The Miracle Molecule"

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"The Fountain of Youth”

If you have been keeping up with the latest in regenerative medicine, then you likely have heard of NAD+. It has recently been called “the miracle molecule” and “the fountain of youth”, and for good reason!



What is NAD+ exactly and why do I need it?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme that is naturally found in our body, and it is responsible for energy production in every living cell. Unfortunately, NAD+ decreases as we age, especially starting in the 4th decade of life. In addition, NAD+ levels will also decrease due to our exposure to toxins, alcohol intake, processed food, and stress, amongst other factors. It is now believed that low levels of NAD+ are directly related to the aging process. Fortunately, supplemental IV, intramuscular injection, or subcutaneous injections are an excellent way to increase our NAD+ levels to assist the entire body with better function and to maintain the health of our cells, keeping us vital and vibrant. Because NAD+ is an “unstable” molecule, the absorption rate from oral supplementation is extremely low.



Benefits of NAD+ Supplementation.


Because our NAD+ levels begin to fall as we age, so does the body’s ability to produce energy and eliminate free radicals. When this happens, our cells begin to malfunction. From this comes disease, fatigue, brain fog, and many other ailments that develop due to the aging process.

Brain Function

It’s no secret that as we age our brain function starts to decline. One of the reasons for this is the age-related accrual of oxidative stress. Along with our heart, the brain is one of the organs in our body that requires the most energy in order to function properly and is sensitive to age-related changes. One way to supply the brain with adequate energy as well as with neuroprotection is through NAD+ supplementation. NAD+ supplementation has been shown to improve memory and decrease brain fog. It has been shown to help improve one’s overall brain health with the potential to restore, protect, and boost neurological function. NAD+ is currently being used and studied as a treatment for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.


In his book, “NADH: The Biological Hydrogen, The Secret of Our Life Energy,” George C. Birkmayer, MD, states that preliminary research indicates that transplantable organs, such as hearts, can be preserved for a longer period of time by adding NADH to the preserving solution. According to these experiments, the functional capability and vitality of the heart can be kept longer as the heart gains more energy by NADH. Notably, he concludes that what has been shown for the heart, the most important organ of our body, should also work for other organs.

Energy, Athletic Performance, and Recovery


This is a no-brainer. NAD+ is essential for the production of ATP which is directly related to energy production. Simply put, increased levels of NAD increases energy. Because NAD+ is utilized by all of our cells, it will improve cardiovascular function, decrease muscle fatigue, improve overall metabolism, decrease post-exercise inflammation, and increase oxygen utilization of the skeletal muscle, therefore increasing endurance and improving athletic recovery.


NAD+ has been used successfully by athletes in preparation for marathons, athletic competitions, climbing, etc. It is also a safe and effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome or a general lack of energy.





NAD+ improves the metabolic process by allowing your body to make better use of glutamine, glucose, and fatty acid. Supplementing with NAD+ helps to increase the hormone called adiponectin, which regulates metabolism. It also assists with breaking down fat, and manipulates sirtuin levels, which in turn, suppresses hunger, improves sleep, decreases inflammation, assists
with detoxification, and increases energy, therefore increasing your basal metabolic rate.



DNA Protection and Mitochondrial Health

We have all heard of DNA, but what are mitochondria?


Mitochondria are often called “the powerhouse of the cell.” They are said to produce 90% of the energy our bodies need to function. Mitochondria are microscopic “organelles” inside the cell that produce energy for the cell. The more the cell requires energy, the more mitochondria within the cell. Mitochondria are also responsible for cell death. That sounds bad, but every living cell has a shelf life. When the mitochondria are malfunctioning, the cell might live past its expiration date, therefore turning into a cancer cell.


Mitochondrial dysfunction is when the mitochondria are not able to produce enough energy for the body. This can affect how organs function, including the brain, nerves, muscles, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, ears, and pancreas. Mitochondrial dysfunction can also be related to genes, which are impacted by environmental toxins. NAD+ is essential for mitochondrial health as well
as DNA health and repair.



Are you on a Cholesterol Lowering Medication?

If the answer is yes, supplementing with NAD+ and CoQ10 may be indicated for you!


Cholesterol-lowering medications not only suppress the production of cholesterol, but also CoQ10. CoQ10 is crucial for mitochondrial health and NAD+ is crucial for CoQ10 to work.



Additional Therapeutic Uses for NAD

● Revitalizes damaged cells
● It is a potent antioxidant
● May lower cholesterol
● May lower high blood pressure
● Boosts the immune system
● May help with depression
● May assist with the prevention of diseases such as cancer, stroke, and diabetes
● May help with symptoms of menopause
● May relieve jet lag
● May alleviate sleep disorders
● May help with concentration and memory
● May diminish wrinkles, rosacea, and other skin disorders
● May boost your sex drive
● Protects your organs
● Has overall anti-aging benefits



In short, sufficient NAD+ levels are crucial for general health and vitality. Today we are exposed more than ever to environmental toxins. With thousands of new chemicals being produced every year, it is impossible to avoid exposure. We are even now finding “microplastics” in our fish. Our bodies are not equipped for this, and increasingly we are developing chronic diseases. NAD+ supplementation is a way to counteract the effects of our toxic environment.

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